4 Cool Backpacker Activities in Laos

Laos is considered as a laid back or a sleepy country but not in terms of travel and destination, for a backpacker traveler, Laos is the place to be, there is always a nearby café to relax and unwind besides having cheap and affordable accommodation options for you. There are many activities and places to visit during your entire vacation, from natural landmarks, religious centers, historic museums and galleries, rivers, lakes and waterfalls you will always get something that pleases you as a backpacker. Here are some coolest backpacker activities that you can carry out in Laos.

Xieng Khouang, Mineral Springs

Get to the hot springs at Muang Kham which is government owned and operated, you will to see a pool of hot natural bubbling water which you can get to by walking on a path thats parallel to Hot Spring Resort, however the pool reains strictly off limits to tourists and the genral public but you can still get good glimpses. You can grab a backpacker’s package if you want to stay at the resort. The mineral springs are surrounded by wooden bamboo rigs which have been built at a point where you can take a bath. You can also get to the smaller spring, Baw Noi where you can also take a bath as the water are cool due to the confluence of the stream and those of the hot springs.

Dong Natad Trek

Get to the protected Dong Natad and trek into the natural forest that’s close to Savannakhet town. The trek is located 15 km from the town center and 11 km past Mekong Bridge, you can also consider to get across to the salt mines. At Dong Natad Trek you will also enjoy to see red ants, gigantic spiders, some wild animals as well as birds. You can also get to the salt mines where you will get to learn about slat processing. You can further head to sacred lake that showcases the beauty of Ing Hang Stupa after long day of trekking. Dong Natad is a good place for backpackers and you can spend up to two days trekking.


Mountain Biking

If the rafting and trekking activities get you bored, you can try out mountain biking in Laos. The best place to experience this is on the countryside’s of Luang Prabang. You will get to old towns, rural villages, past rivers up to the stunning mountains. Adventurous riders can also try out some off road routes that cross four rivers and get past remote villages of the rural side of Luang Prabang, you will definitely love the experience.

Laos is a nice place to visit and has a lot of activities for backpackers, you will definitely love the vacation, you might also consider some other great backpacker favorite destination and try out some of the activities that are carried out in those regions.

Kayaking and Rafting

Get to Luang Prabang which will spoil you with its kayaking and rafting activities. You will also have some adventure trekking in these great places. You will also get to see local tribes and learn of their amazing river culture, while rafting, you will also love sightseeing the mountains and taking dramatic intermediate rapids. Yu can also consider trying out some paddling adventures on a two day kayaking trip which involves cliff jumping into the Nam Xeuang River. For those who prefer a gentle river ride, Luang Prabang cares for you too; you can enjoy full day kayaking activities on the slower Nam Khan River. (kayaking image by Abruzzo Rafting).

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The Top Places To Visit In Laos

The Top Places To Visit In Laos


The Top Places To Visit In Laos


One of the countries that is yet to really embrace the tourism industry is Laos, and without some of the stunning beaches of its coastal neighbors it doesn’t enjoy the same attraction for those who love to relax on golden sands.  However, this is certainly not to say that this hilly country isn’t beautiful, and it still has a tourism industry that is growing, particularly through the capital city Vientiane.  Laos may have a troubled history, but with an improving political stability that is shared across much of the region, Laos is a destination that is starting to reveal its treasures to the tourism industry.


As the capital city of Laos, Vientiane is an important economic hub that is located on the banks of the Mekong river, with a population of close to three quarters of a million. The city itself has a long and colorful history, having in its time been occupied by the Japanese, the French and the Siamese, but is today the seat of government.

For visitors to the city there are a number of historic sites to visit, including Pha That Luang, which is a large stupa fronting on to a large open square that is famed for its ornate surroundings and gold color.  The stone statues at the BuddhaPark and the LaoNationalMuseum are also both worth visiting, while it can also boast one of three bowling alleys in the whole of the country!

The Plain Of Jars

The Plain of Jars is a name that has been given to close to a hundred sites to be found across Xieng Khouang province, with each site including up to four hundred large stone jars.  These sites are believed to date from between 500BC to 500AD, and each jar is at least a meter in height, with the largest jars three meters tall.  All but one of the jars are undecorated, but only a few of these jars have actually had their lids recovered.

The mystery of the Plain of Jars is one that has triggered significant debate about the purpose of the jars, with some historians having found remnants of bone suggesting that they may have been for burning the bodies of the dead.  Local legends for these jars are much more colorful suggesting that they have either been left by a race of giants that used to live in the region, or that they were created by a thirsty ancient king who used these jars to brew vast amounts of rice wine to slake his thirst.


The town of Champasak was once home to the ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of Champasak, but is particularly noted for visitors to Laos because of the proximity of the ruined Wat Phu temple.  The temple complex has been on the location for around 1,500 years, but the ruins to be found there currently date from between the eleventh and the thirteenth century.  The site is still a location for Theravada Buddhist worship, which takes place alongside the significant conservation efforts being made to maintain the temple.

Luang Prabang

This small city is to be found in the north central area of Laos, and like many of the settlements in the country has been the seat of a Kingdom historically.  Until the rise of the Khmer Rouge, it was also the capital of Laos, and has been recognized by UNESCO due to its range of historic buildings.  The HawKhamRoyalPalaceMuseum is a particular highlight with a number of wonderful buildings, on a location that has been chosen so that visiting dignitaries could immediately enter the palace after disembarking from their river craft.

For those craving a site of natural beauty, the nearby Kuang Si waterfalls are set in a wonderful area of forest, and are a particularly popular site to relax for visitors.

Vang Vieng

For those looking for a little more excitement from their visit to Laos, the town of Vang Vieng has developed a reputation as a hot spot for backpackers and younger visitors to the country.  The Nam Song river is used for kayaking and riding in tire inner tubes, while there are also a number of rope swings and zip lines in place for those looking for a thrill.  Due to its popularity among teenagers and younger people, the town has a range of internet cafes, restaurants and bars, which has led some critics to claim it is losing its native culture.

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